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Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Unveiled


On February 4th 2014, an announcement trailer for a new Batman game, “Batman: Arkham Knight” was released. Arkham Knight, the 4th game in the Arkham series, is to be developed by Rocksteady Studios who have previous experience of developing Batman titles -Arkham Asylum and Arkham City- and Arkham Knight looks set to become the final instalment of the Arkham series with Rocksteady co-founder Sefton Hill saying in an interview: “We want to kind of go out in style.” Read the rest of this entry »


Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Review

tombraiderdeflogoSo, Tomb Raider’s back for the PS4! It has been rebuilt from the ground up, includes all previous DLC and some new bonus material for good measure. But is it worth the investment for those who played the PS3 version or indeed newcomers to the franchise? Read the rest of this entry »


ARCHOS 45 Platinum Smartphone Review


Today Techstrike is testing a new budget phone from ARCHOS: the 45 Platinum. The price puts it in the same territory as the Moto G and the fan favourite: the Nexus 4. With this in mind, can the new kid on the block keep up with the competition?

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Swann HD PenCam 4GB Limited Edition Review


Video cameras disguised as everyday items might seem to have many useful purposes; we often see examples of hidden camera usage by journalists on TV but most people will find few occasions to use one in their own day to day life. Indeed, in some situations using disguised video cameras – without permission – could be deemed an offence. Read the rest of this entry »


Razer Carcharias Review


With the promise of high-quality surround sound, comfort and storage convenience, gamers are increasingly opting for dedicated headsets over surround sound systems. It is easy to understand why, considering that most headsets are now able to achieve an immersive 2.0 – 7.1 surround experience at a fraction of the cost of a high-end speaker system, of course with the added convenience of not disturbing others around the home whilst playing a game!

Razer accessories have fared extremely well in past reviews for Techstrike, so I was excited to see if this trend would continue with the ‘Carcharias’ dedicated stereo 2.0 gaming headset, which is designed for both console and PC gaming.

Read on to find out more!

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