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Nokia Unveils N1 Tablet

by Andrewon November 18, 2014
Nokia jumped back into the hardware market today with the launch of its brand new tablet the N1. This time around things are dramatically different!

OTONE VTX Sound: Advanced Noise Cancelling Headphones

by Thomason November 15, 2014
In the restless and evolving world of audio hardware, manufacturers are constantly promising products which can 'immerse' the listener into the music they are listening to.

Welcome to Techstrike 3.0!

by Andrewon November 15, 2014
Hello and welcome to the latest revision of Techstrike! With the redesign of Techstrike (dubbed 3.0) comes a number of improvements designed to help you get the best out of our site.


4K TV: the future of watching sports?

by Simonon November 15, 2014
The television, a regular everyday household appliance, has come a long way since appearing on the market over 80 years ago. The transition from black and white to colour television proved to be a major breakthrough in terms of technology.

Microsoft reveals own brand Lumia 535

by Andrewon November 11, 2014
Microsoft has just officially unveiled its first Lumia bearing the companies name, The Lumia 535.

Google Nexus 6 UK price revealed

by Andrewon November 10, 2014
It's been a little while now since Google unveiled the Nexus 6 to the world and the internet giant has now confirmed how much it's new handset will cost in the United Kingdom.

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