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New Nickelodeon Title Announced

by Simonon January 6, 2015
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob HeroPants!

Sierra reveals new King’s Quest trailer

by Simonon December 9, 2014
Sierra has shown off the debut trailer for King’s Quest, which returns 30 years after its initial launch.

TV from Sky launches on PlayStation 4

by Simonon December 4, 2014
Today it was announced that Sky has launched on the PlayStation 4.


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare coming to home consoles

by Simonon December 3, 2014
Activision has just announced that the successful Chivalry: Medieval Warfare from Torn Banner Studios is coming to home consoles, with the game already available on Xbox 360 and set to be released on PlayStation 3 in the not too distant future.

Nokia Unveils N1 Tablet

by Andrewon November 18, 2014
Nokia jumped back into the hardware market today with the launch of its brand new tablet the N1. This time around things are dramatically different!

OTONE VTX Sound: Advanced Noise Cancelling Headphones

by Thomason November 15, 2014
In the restless and evolving world of audio hardware, manufacturers are constantly promising products which can 'immerse' the listener into the music they are listening to.

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